Place the LCD screens with the backs facing each other and with flex cables in the same direction. This protects LCD screens and allows the screens to take up less space.

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Place two pairs of LCD screens face to face, as shown, and make sure that all flex cables point in the same direction.

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Please collect 5 pairs of screens, which will be 10 LCD screens in total. These five pairs will be collected face to face. Packing of more than 10 LCD screens as a set increases the risk of fractures.

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Attach each set of 10 LCD screens in bubble wrap or other protective material. The packaging must be tight enough to ensure the LCD-screens cannot be shaken in the box, but not too tight – so the pressure might damage the screens. NOTE: If you do not have bubble wrap, it is better to use a rubber band and newspaper around 10 screens at a time rather than not using wrapping at all.

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Place the sets of 10 screens in the box. Use a layer of bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper or other material to place in the bottom of the box. It is best to fill the sides of the box after placing some screens there. Finish with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap at the top of the box.

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