Prices on broken displays

The table shows how much we pay per screen. Prices are updated weekly:

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS MAX Original Refurbished. Original lcd, copy touch, frame and small parts. have been refurbished before. iPhone 6, 6S refurbished will be bought as copy.

“NOTE” Shipments where copies are higher than the numbers of original. Will be down graded price-wise.



Model Prices incl. VAT
iPhone XS MAX Originaliphone-5650,- DKK
iPhone XS MAX Original Broken touchair250.- kr.
iPhone XS MAX Refurb/Copyiphone-530,- DKK
iPhone XS MAX Deadiphone-515,- DKK
iPhone XS Originaliphone-5550,- DKK
iPhone XS Original Broken touchair200 .- kr.
iPhone XS Refurb/Copyiphone-535,- DKK
iPhone XS Deadiphone-55,- DKK
iPhone XR Originaliphone-580,- DKK
iPhone XR Original Broken touchair20.- kr.
iPhone XR Refurb/Copyiphone-50,- DKK
iPhone X Originaliphone_6400,- DKK
iPhone X Original
Broken Touch.
iphone-5200,- DKK
iPhone X original
Pixelfaults - small faults
iphone_650.- DDK
Copy iPhone Xiphone-525,- kr.
iPhone X dead, power up.air15,- kr.
iPhone X all deadair5,- kr.
iPhone 8+ Originaliphone_670,- DKK
iPhone 8+ Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
Copy iPhone 8+iphone-51,- kr.
iPhone 8 Originaliphone_640,- DKK
iPhone 8 Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
iPhone 8 kopiiphone_61,- DDK
iPhone 7 Plus Originaliphone_650,- DKK
iPhone 7 Plus Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
Copy iPhone 7 Plusiphone_61,- kr. DKK
iPhone 7 Originaliphone_627,- DKK
iPhone 7 Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
iPhone 7 Original
iphone-51,- kr.
Copy iPhone 7iphone_61,- kr- DKK
iPhone 6S Plus Originaliphone_645,- DKK
iPhone 6S Plus Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
Copy iPhone 6S Plusiphone-51,- DKK
iPhone 6S Originaliphone_620,- DKK
iPhone 6S Original Broken touchair0.- kr.
Copy iPhone 6Siphone_60,- DKK
iPhone 6 Plus Original iphone_640,- DKK
iPhone 6 Plus Original Broken touchair10.- kr.
Copy iPhone 6 Plusiphone_61,- DKK
iPhone 6 Originaliphone_612,- DKK
Copy iPhone 6iphone_61,- DKK
iPhone 5Siphone-54,- DKK
iPhone 5C5c2,- DKK
iPhone 5iphone-54,- DKK
iPad Air 2air20,- DKK